15 month old daughter, really bad diaper rash?

BlondMomma Asked: 15 month old daughter, really bad diaper rash?

Last night the diaper rash was minor, I put A&D on it and put her to bed.This morning and this afternoon, its getting redder, has spots starting above her vagina and goes all the way down past her butthole (sorry, tmi).It almost forms a circle around her whole area down there.Anything other than A&D ointment and baby yeast cream that I can use?(I have baby cream for baby yeast infections from the last time she had one…but this one seems worse.Not sure if its yeast.)

Nothing new in her diet.Whole milk, but it hasnt bothered her before.Lots of grapes lately, but cut them out yesterday because I thought they might cause her to react.


Cindy D Answered:
Time for the doctor!

Sugar and spice Answered:
My 2 year old gets wicked nasty diaper rash that makes her SCREAM her head off, and she cries endlessly.In all honesty, the only thing that has worked for us is a product called Thentix.you can only buy it on-line, occasionally they have reps at craft stores and fairs and such, but here's the link:

Usually 1-2 applications clears it up.

some other things that work are oatmeal or baking soda in the bath and walking around diaperless for as long as possible (a little trickier at 15 months than at 2!).Of course, if it persists, you may need a diagnosis from a doctor and possibly a cortisone cream.

micadance Answered:
It's called Calendula gel, it's a homeopathic product that is totally natural and safe. Probably can get it at your local health food store. Getting more teeth? How long has she had whole milk for? Usually not the best for them…

Green Bay Packer Answered:
I use something called Butt Paste i use it once every day and my baby has never had a diaper rash. I believe its Bouders Butt Paste. But its a green tube that comes in a green box. It says Butt Paste real big!! They carry it at Target, Walmart and Babys R Us if u have any of those thats what i use! Good luck!

Arielle Rain31710 Answered:
I would keep trying the yeast cream honestly when it get to this point that a&d isn't helping it is likely yeast you need to apply ita few timesa day it may take a day or two to see improvement but all of a sudden it will be gone like that.
my daughter had quite a few of these and when worse came to worse it always ended up being yeast rash

Jessica Answered:
Sounds to me like she has a yeast infection. My daughter had one…the doc gave me some meds for it and it went away…about 3 weeks later it came back, but the meds were not working. SoI took her back and the doc said, yes she had another infection, but of a different type which required a different medication. Take her to the doc.

kainoor Answered:
apply johnsons baby lotion n let the thng open for some time….
2nd time apply vaseline (make it sticky enuf…)
agn reapeat the 2 steps in every 2 hours…

Manage the place to be diaper free for a day….
if problem persists visit doctor..

then be precautious abt future n change the diaper brand….

Anderson Answered:
Cut, her, ***, off.

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