bright neon yellow greenish vaginal discharge?

mommie0109 Asked: bright neon yellow greenish vaginal discharge?

so I been active with my fiance for over a few months we both are clean no std's aids what so ever.. i have no medications prescribed to me.. soo im left wondering what this is.. a day or two ago i noticed a thick slimy whitish yellow discharge.. kinda it can stick on one finger to another and stretch a little in a slimy egg white type of consistency then today i noticed when i wiped myself down there after doing number 1 *peeing* i noticed this bright neon yellow?? but then it kinda looked greenish?? discharge that is somewhat like a yeast infection type of sticky.. but i recently got checked from my doc and they said my cultures came back clean.. so what can this be?? i dont have the slightest idea what it may be.. hopefully nothing serious.. i do take care of myself very well and i monitor my discharges to keep myself in check.. specially when the sig.other and i dont use condoms nor are we trying to prevent pregnancy.. hence we are ttc.. but what does this mean??

*note: bright neon yellow/green thick sticky no clumps just sticky thick and somewhat stretchy discharge…

serious answers plz


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