can a doctor break my hymen?

jeanine micheals Asked: can a doctor break my hymen?

this is actually pretty embaressing to ask, but i wanted to know if a doctor can break/remove my hymen. awhile back i was on strong antibiotics and they caused me to get a yeast infection. i went to the gyno to have an exam so i could get medication for it. long story short she tried first to put the medal thing that they use in but it hurt to much so she used her finger. the pain was so bad that i ended up screaming, kicking her and then fainting. it hurts to insert a tampon or to even insert a finger. im 16 and its difficult when i get sexually aroused because i cant really masturbate because of the pain. also i hate wearing pads because they make me feel like im wearing a diaper and i get scared that you can see them when i wear skinny jeans. so i really want to be able to wear tampons without discomfort. (im not planning on having sex any time soon, im much to young and dont have a boyfriend)
basically my question is that can my doctor break my hymen? (ive read that they can if it interferes with your menstrual cycle, but mine does not)
and if i my doctor were to break my hymen, could they sedate me or put me to sleep ? (lol, i doubt they could)
anyways, thanks to anyone who can answer these.


Phastet Answered:
Why not ask your doctor this?

jack bauer Answered:
in my opinion you have the situation under control
an md should be able to this this for you and he/she should sedate you to alleviate pain.
i wonder how old you are,though
you may need parental consent

S G Answered:
yes if she put her finger in your vagina and your vagina bleed than your hymen broke,you are no more virgin

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