Can A Yeast Infection Cause Your Period To Be Late? – Late Period And Possible Yeast Infection: Tips

I’ve never gotten a yeast infection before, but I think I may have one now. I’ve been on antibiotics for the past three weeks for an ear injury/infection, which I’ve read may cause them. I have a couple questions:

1-what’s a natural way to cure a yeast infection. I already eat two cups of yogurt a day; anything else that works well in getting rid of yeast infection?

2- My period’s two days late. I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it was negative. Could the two be related? Can a yeast infection cause your period to be late? Could a yeast infection cause a false negative on a pregnancy test?

I can’t answer the question about your period being late – I’ve never heard of a yeast infection (or antibiotics) causing one’s period to be late. But anything is possible.

The antibiotics are probably what caused your yeast infection – that is very common. Especially if you drank alcohol at all while you were on the antibiotics – that’s a surefire way to cause an infection.

Acidophilus (the key ingredient in yogurt, also sold in pills and chewable) is the only real “cure for a yeast infection” but it is more of a preventative measure than anything. It could possibly cure a *slight* infection, but if yours has gone on for a couple of days, and is starting to really bother you, then you should probably get an Over-The-Counter cure at the drug store.

Also, many women who are prone to chronic yeast infections find that the week prior to getting your period is the week that most infections start – something to do with chemical changes in the body. In this kind of scenario, many women find that a slight pre-menstrual infection will go away on its own by the time the period is over.

If yours is not too bad, you can always try taking acidophilus pills (the ones that require refrigeration are usually the best quality) and eating yogurt and waiting till your period comes and goes, to see if you can cure it without medication.

If it gets worse instead of better, it’s past the point of homeopathic cures – treat it with something like Monistat ASAP. (If you go to the doctor for the infection, she will prescribe something very similar to Monistat)

Also, PLAIN, unflavored, sugar-free yogurt, applied topically, can help the symptoms. Apply before sleep & wear a pad.

1. Insert a yogurt soaked tampon inside your vajay overnight. I know it sounds weird but it will help! Make sure it’s the plain yogurt though. Repeat until symptoms go away. Take acidophillus pills too during this time

2. No, the two are unrelated. Wait another week; stress can cause your period to come late.

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