Can I Use Oxiclean to Kill Fungus/Yeast on Cloth Diapers?

Jaime Lee Asked: Can I Use Oxiclean to Kill Fungus/Yeast on Cloth Diapers?

My son got a yeast infection. First on his front end and that finally cleared up and now there's one on his butt. I read on one site that suggested 4-6 drops of tea tree oil in a cold rinse, then a hot wash with oxygen bleach, cold rinse, then sunning or drying in high heat in the dryer if that isn't possible. Is Oxiclean an okay oxygen bleach to use? That's what we have in the house and I want to kill all the fungus out of his diapers. I was hoping to kill it all out then just use flushable liners with the cloth because the disposables are wreaking havoc on my poor guy's bottom since he's highly sensitive to the chemicals in them.


Ivy has Twin Boys Answered:
Have you tried an organic diaper like Seventh Generation?They are harsh chemical/fragrance free.Are you sure it's actually yeast and not just a diaper rash?I would also try using a diaper cream on him for a while.Boredaux's butt paste is a good natural ingredient one to try.I would agree that bleach is the only true way to get rid of fungus and yeast.Oxiclean is for the stain, but probably won't kill the invisible stuff.

Sarah B Answered:
oxiclean is fine. Hot water is a good idea too.

Bleach would work better, but may hurt your diapers. You can always do extra rinses.

We quit having yeast problems when we went to disposables. I was all about cloth, but at some point I realized they SUCK! Tons of rashes, even yeast rashes from them, you have to change them more often, poo rings in the washer, soaking, spraying, swirling in the toilet. GROSS. And they are not even better for the environment because it takes far more energy to wash cloth then to make and dispose of a disposable! They were not even much cheaper, because disposables you only need 3-4 a day for a toddler, and they are $0.14 each. Running the washer 7 times and the drier 3 times a week cost us almost the same amount as the disposables once I did the calculations! I pay $25 a month to diaper TWINS in disposables. Running the washing machine and dryer and paying for detergent was about the same! Esp. when the high cost of yeast infection cream and other diaper rash creams was added in. With disposables, we get NO rashes.

My new policy is for newborns cloth is okay, it holds in breastmilk poo well, and you have to change them alot anyway. But once solids are started, they suck. Still more rashes with cloth though, even changing 12 times a day.

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