Can soap cause my vagina / inner labia burn?

Asked: Can soap cause my vagina / inner labia burn?

I've been washing my vagina w/ soap since I could bathe myself and never had a problem before. But when I took a shower tonight, I washed my vagina with the same soap I've been using for 2 weeks and my vagina/inner labia started to burn like razors/glass.I took a shower using the same soap this morning and for the past two weeks without a problem. So my question is, can soap be causing my inner labia/outer vagina to burn this badly?

I'm also married & I haven't had sex in over 2 months and there is nothing visible on my vagina at all. it's not even red?

I've also been using the same laundry detergent I have been using for years.

Also, I know it's not a UTI or a Yeast Infection I had both before and this doesn't feel like that.


It's possible, yes.

Obviously soaps aren't needed on your genitals, one reason why it's actually harmful is because your mucosa is so sensitive to the chemicals within toiletries so can easily have a reaction (even if it's something you've used in the past – sometimes allergies just start-up without any reason, the company may be using something slightly different in their products, or hormonal/chemical changes in your body can be a factor), also your mucosa can be dried-out and damaged by the drying effect of soap.

It is recommended that you do not wash with regular soap as it does not match your genital PH balance, it can lead to irritation and infection. Get a gentle cleanser made for that purpose and see if that helps. Also, if you shaved or waxed recently, that could do it.

It's possibe since scented soaps, pad, and body was can cause irritation to that area. They contain chemicals and perfumes that upset the natural balance of "good" bacteria and other micro-organisms in the vagina.

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