Can soda’s cause yeast infections?

Brittany Asked: Can soda’s cause yeast infections?

Can drinking too many sodas cause yeast infections?

What if they're diet sodas?


Samantha Davis Answered:
Yes it is true drinking to much of any soda can cause a yeast infection especially in women.

Barbara Answered:
No Honey…no sodas can cause a yeast infections..Don't worry u are safe..Google it..Can sodas cause yeast infections

Hans Answered:
Sugar, too much sugar, sets your body's ph off balance and makes for a more friendly environment for yeast to grow. Hormones at certain times of the month also disrupt the balance. Read Yeast Connection and Women's health.

Julia Answered:
no soda can not cause yeast infetion

Birds and the Bees Answered:
Soda will not cause a yeast infection, but high intakes of sugar can cause some women to get yeast infections.High sugar diets can also cause type II diabetes which can cause yeast infections.As for diet sodas, the fake sugar in them will not cause yeast infections, however, fake sugar has another consequence, it triggers the brain into craving real sugar.If you can suppress the craving, good for you.But studies have shown that people who drink diet sodas long term, are more likely to obese, and more likely to be more obese than people who drink the same amount of soda that is not diet.While I am a general health nerd, I too have an addiction to soda that I am trying hard to quit.I recommend tea and water.

NaturalMom Answered:
Yes, absolutely the sugar in sodas can aggravate a yeast condition called Candidiasis. This is very common in women and sugar should be minimized in the diet.

A natural solution for chronic yeast infection is high quality probiotics. The best I have found are VitaTree Probiotics. You need to put more of the good probiotics back into your system to fight off the yeast.

AZ Answered:
when i read this i thought u were talking about would sticking a soda can in your vag give u a yeast infection lol…

Nancy Answered:
Yes!That's why we get them in the first place.Sugar!When you bake bread you use sugar to activate the yeast.That's what happens in our bodies, top it off with a nice warm moist place and you have yeast.Granted, it's not the same as bread yeast but the principle is the same.
Eating sugar will promote the growth of yeast in your system. Secondly too much starch and dairy products.Caffeine is not so great either.
Eat a balanced diet but get rid of the sodas, even diet.

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