Can the preperation H wipes be used to help vagina care?

Mz curious Asked: Can the preperation H wipes be used to help vagina care?

I know on the package it says vaginal care but doesnt really give much detail about it is harmful to use in that way to relieve some vaginal area itching..p.s. I HAD a yeast infection not too long ago but i took the medicine for it and it went away..but then i got hemroids so thats why i got the wipes and so the itching came back also so i was jus curious..plz real answers only!


Starfish Answered:
If you are itching, you have some sort of infection or rash.Only a doctor can tell you how to treat it.Don't rely on some product that isn't meant for that….putting off getting medical care is irresponsible.

Dr K Martin Gardner Answered:
The active ingredient in Preparation H, believe it or not, is shark liver oil, which has been used for centuries by sailors to boost their immunity while at sea, and also to reduce inflammation in swollen tissue.That is why they use it to shrink hemmorhoids, which are bulging, swollen parts of the intestine protruding from your anus.As far as the vaginal itching, it may just be the prep H shrinking your labia and drying them out slightly, or it may be that the fungus that caused your original yeast infection was hiding in your ***, and you spread it back there with the wipe.I would base your guess on how severe the itching gets, and if you see discharge. Hope this helps.

LINDSEY S Answered:
It's supposed to be used for treating hemorrhoids. It may relieve some itching but you would be better off getting some cream or wipes from Vagisil or Monostat for the itching and the wipes for the hemorrhoids..

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