Clitoral hood red, swollen, itchy. possibly from VCH?

Daniella Asked: Clitoral hood red, swollen, itchy. possibly from VCH?

I got my VCH pierced about a month and a half ago. it's been fine, but this past week I've noticed my hood, the area connecting my hood to my labia minora, and the inside of my labia majora has been itching. sometimes if I scratch it too much it'll burn during urination but most times urination is normal. I noticed today that my hood is now red and swollen. I don't scratch often but sometimes I cant help it. I've been told it could be a yeast infection but I have no discharge and no odor. just itching. is my piercing rejecting or is this something else? is it even related to my piercing?


Caroline Answered:
those are symptons of level 1 HIV, i'm sorry.

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