Cottage Cheese discharge while 36 weeks pregnant?

Love Child Asked: Cottage Cheese discharge while 36 weeks pregnant?

I currently have a yeast infection while pregnant; and i had a smelly little order coming out; and when i wiped it would be yellowish-green discharge well my doctor prescribed this vagina gel that i stick up me with these applicators for 5 or 6 days; well this is going on my second day and this cottage cheese discharge is coming out; like i can feel it coming out and everything; does this means its going away? because every time i wipe i'm shocked at how much is coming out. Since its the weekend I can't call my doctor so could someone help or help me understand what's going on thank you and no smart comments


Jade H Answered:
The gel should be helping, not causing worse amounts and types of discharge. I would consider going to a clinic or something that is available to you to speak to a doctor about the medication. Doesn't sound like its doing its job at all!

JaneInSeattle Answered:
Not much of an answer for you but i also am having a bad yeast infection at the moment with itchy greenish discharge,cheese type odor and it sucks as long as i keep the area clean i can deal with it until i have the baby just very annoying with all the discharge.I would say the medicine they gave you is working and doing it's job.They called me today and offered me the same a cream but i really don't like to use anything being pregnant and they said if i wait to treat the yeast infection after i have the baby it will be ok and the baby will be fine.

All the best to you!!!

Pretty Blunt Answered:
I think the discharge you had before was a really bad yeast infection. The cottage cheese is still the yeast infection, it's just that it's getting better. Just keep taking the medicine and you will be fine. All the times I have ever gotten a yeast infection I have had the cottage cheese discharge, never a yellow green kind. And you could have had a different fungus too. So the medicine your doc gave you should cover all vaginal fungus.

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