Dry, itchy vagina after antibiotics?

Patches Dana Asked: Dry, itchy vagina after antibiotics?

Hi, I recently had an infection on my foot due to a bee sting, so my doctor put me on antibiotics. Well I've been off them for a few days and Ive been having problems with a dry, itchy vagina with a little bit of discharge and there's like a slight cut since its so dry. Does anyone know how I can treat it? It's not a yeast infection i had it tested. Oh and I'm not sexually active either!


TTC baby 1 3 Answered:
Antibiotics can cause yeast infections. Go to the store and buy some Probitotic vitamins; you should feel relief within a few days. Monistat and other yeast infection creams only work in the vaginal area when a lot of yeast infections begin in our digestive system. Be sure to follow the directions and refrigerate after opening the Probiotic!

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