Green stuff coming out of my vagina?

Jenny Asked: Green stuff coming out of my vagina?

I used to have a yeast infection, and I told my mom. And I'm a virgin, I never had sex. But I masturbate a lot with things. My mom told me to put the yeast infection cream outside of my vagina instead of inside, so I did. Now 3-4 later, I now have green stuff coming out of my vagina. And it's really itchy. Butnever had sex, because on google it said you had to have sex to get it? Anyway to home cure it or advice I should take?


Random Name Answered:
Pull out the roots before the leaves fall off.

PARVEZ Answered:
if having sex is the only option then you should have .. but if there is any other treatment then you should go for it if you are not ready for sex.i think may be you should visit doctor and talk about his.. they may find some cure for this

Graham Earle Answered:
I don't see your Mums logic in putting cream outside instead of inside.Try it inside.When it gets better it seems like you should forget about being a virgin and get a boyfriend to help with sex.Boyfriends are specialists.We know about these things.

mm Answered:
That happened to me too!! It went away when i got my boyfriend to lick it!

Emily Answered:
You don't HAVE to have sex to get a yeast infection. This is a myth. Yeast infections are simply just an over growth of yeast bacteria in the vagina, which can be caused by many things. My 14 month old daughter gets them and hers surely is not from having sex! Hers are from antibiotic use. I suggest talking to your mom again about getting an over the counter yeast infection treatment such as monistat 7 and if it is now green as you say, instead of white coming out down there, you might need to see a doctor to get a pill to get rid of it. Best of luck.

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