Help? Small white chunks coming out of my vagina?

Patty12456 Asked: Help? Small white chunks coming out of my vagina?

I just had a yeast infection about 2-3 weeks ago and took medicine by mouth to cure it. So I know what it feels like to have a yeast infection. Ever since my last yeast infection I have had a clear milky discharge off and on. I do not itch or burn down there. Today after I masterbated when I pulled my finger out there was very small white chunks on my finger . They really weren't even chunks but just tiny small white pieces. There was only a few so I was wondering if this is normal? I am a virgin and my boyfriend has fingered me but he always washes his hands. Can someone please help me possibly figure out what this is? * I also take birth control pills and have been for a while but recently switched pill brands *


Meme Answered:
Sounds like your yeast infection hasn't entirely gone away but you should ask a doctor just in case .

Gege Answered:
Sounds like it might just be toilet paper and those permarin guys are ads I think

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