how to get rid of this yeast infection ?

Alexandra Asked: how to get rid of this yeast infection ?

please somebody help me. im 14 and ive been having this annoying yeast infection for almost a week ! i have been getting dryness all around my private area (my vulva and near n around my vagina) and its uncomfortable when i walk cus theyre dry. i also have this itching that wont really go away. i put vagisil anti itch cream to help relieve the itch but it didnt help much and it burned horribly when i applied it. whats really annoying is im feeling tingling all over my private area and its been affecting me in school not concretrating in class as well cus of this and i havent been getting much restful sleep. i always have the urge to itch the area. im worried now n im afraid it wont go away. :((. is there any remedy out there that can kill this yeast infection and sooth the area of tingling dryness and itching fast that wont burn like heck? please i need answers this has been the worst week ever


Destroyer of Destriers Answered:
Bake a pie with it.

mcgrawhillfan62394 Answered:
EAT yogurt, if it gets any worse go see your doctor. hope this helps

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