If you have a yeast infection can your discharge be yellow and milky white?

Sarah Asked: If you have a yeast infection can your discharge be yellow and milky white?

i know its gross sorry bt plz tell me the truth


Kendell Lea Answered:
Don't think you are alone on this. There are many women who get yeast infections, but remember that usually a yeast infection is accompanied by itching and sometimes burning.Many women do not realize that they actually have a bacterial infection called BV (bacterial vaginosis) it is the overgrowth of good bacteria in the vaginal area and usually needs to be treated with antibiotics. You should call your GYN if you have tried an over the counter yeast product and it has not worked for you. They can give you Metronidazole (Flagyl) or another antibiotic and Diflucan for the yeast. The Difulcan is a single pill you take that will control the candida yeast overgrowth you might be experiencing. And some of the antibiotics they use to treat BV can cause women to have a yeast infections, so it's best to use them together. I believe that discharge you are experiencing could very well be BV. Usually a yeast infections resembles cottage cheese and is chunky. Sometimes when you urinate you'll literally see chunks of yeast. Just make an appointment with the GYN and have it checked out!

nicole Answered:
If you soak a tampon in sunny d florida style for 5 days and insert it for 24 hours this should change the colour, as for the smell…WHY YOU NO BE CLEAN?!?!!?
yeast is meant to be in bread, not the snatch:/

Joel Answered:
Yes it is possible, but if your discharge is that color then you could also have bacterial vaginosis, this is another type of infection, not as serious and agitating as the yeast infection, but still, obviously something that you don't want to have.

If you are concerned about this just take a trip to the doctor and they will prescribe you with the right medicine to get you back to normal again.

Note that there are home remedies which people try, some say they work, others say otherwise, but if you don't want to go to the doctors then these are always worth a try!

megggss Answered:
i`ve been wondernig this for a longggggg time . & everytime i tell someone my dog smells like corn chips they're like WTF
seriously , my labrador retriever smells like fritos a lotttt , not everyday but a few times out of a week i'll sit down beside him & he'll smell like i jus opened a bag of them .

i have no clue , i've never worried about it , my dogs a male so i doubt he has a yeast infection , but maybe he does …? because guys can get them so i guess male dogs can too .

eh , i wouldnt go to tha vet about it if i were you . its probably their paws .

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