Is this a yeast infection, folliculitis, hormonal imbalance, or something else?

Miyani10 Asked: Is this a yeast infection, folliculitis, hormonal imbalance, or something else?

So I've been having some issues down there since January. I started getting really itchy down there, I assumed because my hair was growing back down there and that's why it was itching. But I saw like some bumps down there too. They weren't puss filled, they looked like razor bumps but they were itching really bad so I shaved down there to have a better look. Well I shouldn't have done that because it made it super worse. The bumps were gone since I shaved but I had a couple of cuts the size of paper cuts and razor bumps down in that area. I had no abnormal discharge or smell, the bumps didn't turn into sores or have fluid in them either. The area was also very dry and raw from me shaving and it made the itching worse since it was now burning too. But I started to worry because it was still itching so I went to the hospital. They checked to see if I had any sores or lesions but they said the bumps and cuts didn't look like herpes. They did a pap smear and a urine test to test for other STD's (everything came back negative) and they gave me a prescription for folliculitis. I took the medicine for 10 days like prescribed but I was still itchy and raw down there. It's now February and I'm still itchy and raw. Although the bumps have long since passed, the skin around the outer lips is peeling and bleeding almost on a daily basis. I've been using yogurt to soothe the itch until I could go out and get some Vagisil. I used the Vagisil today and the itching and pain has finally started to diminish. But I'm still worried. I'm not sure if this is a UTI because I've hardly drank any water but I don't have that urge to pee symptom. And I don't have any cottage like discharge if it's a yeast infection either. But my hormones have been off and I just got my period last month after not having it for four months. So I'm not sure if this is a hormonal imbalance symptom or what. Please help!


jesse Answered:
stop using food it's a wives tail. Just try lotion. You shave right. Shaving dries your skin out. You said the skin was dry and itchy doesn't all your other parts of skin do that too when it's dry. put a little on make sure it isn't perfumed and it should go away almost immediately my obgyn told me to try lotion too and it works.

RottieLover Answered:
Could be a bit of vaginitis, just bacteria making it itchy, the bumps could have also been genital warts, they're sometimes itchy and look like razor bumps. Go to a gyno.

deniz Answered:
Just water ? also washing to much can lead to loss of acids on your skin which actually make you dirtier. Do you shave or something that might cause the irritation. Maybe your allergic to an ingredient in the soaps. Not 100% sure try asking a doctor maybe he has a better recommendation.

Dinushan Answered:
If you're having the yeast infections still,then the symptoms can be explained due to the infection.

If so,you can use a Clotrimazole 500 mg vaginal Pessary one time or Flucanazole 150 mg Orally single dose.Either regime will take care of the yeast infection.

Do not wash your pubes with a lot of soap a number of times per day.This causes yeast infections due to the reduction of natural protection given by the vaginal secretions.

Aryab Answered:
vUSE AROGYAM PURE HERBS you can easily solve your skin problem without any side-effect & consult with doctor free of cost

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