Itchy, red, swollen clitoris/labia with a little white discharge?

Jeanette Asked: Itchy, red, swollen clitoris/labia with a little white discharge?

Well, for a few days now the lips of my vagina have been itching pretty bad. Before my discharge was clear and a little sticky. Now it's sorta milky white and sorta stretchy. I should be having my period soon, so that might be a symptom.. But the itching is on and off. I also shave down there, so it might be from the razor. I also wear a lot of skinny jeans(Can cause itching I hear). And it's been hot and I've been wearing sweat pants.It only really starts to itch if I touch it or something. And it looks swollen. And also earlier, I changed my underwear, and I found a flea on them when I took them off. Could I have a flea bite down there and that's what is causing it? I'm scared of me being pregnant, but I don't think I am. I just took one of my pills from when I had a urinary tract infection, if it's a yeast infection that would probably help.. So help me?


P Answered:
It sounds like a yeast infection.
White discharge is normal, mine is white most of the time.

I would go to the store and buy a few day treatment for the infection (there are tons of choices).
It'll more than likely be something for bed time, so also buy something like Vagisil to help you get through the itching throughout the day.

IF it's no better after the treatment, I would head to the doctor.

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