Losing mucous plug when not pregnant?

Sasha Asked: Losing mucous plug when not pregnant?

I haven't had sex in many months. Today i felt something in my underwear and when i checked it was just like a mucous plug with some blood in it. I have an IUD so i do not get periods, and i have also been checked for STD's and am clear. Also, i have been having thick white discharge for about two months. Two and a half months ago i had a yeast infection and was treated with some kind of pill. I have no itching, burning or any other symptoms. I have two children already (2 and 5) so i know what a mucous plug looks like and this is damn near the exact same thing that happened when i lost it during both of my pregnancies.
Anyone know what the heck is on the go? Guesses? Personal experience?


Alexia J Answered:
Does the discharge smell foul or fishy? When I had my IUD I also had some of the same symptoms as you and was diagnosed with BV (Bacterial Vaginosis). Since the IUD is a foreign body, it can cause the pH inside your vagina to get out of whack because your body wants to reject it. I got my IUD taken out and was treated with antibiotics, and I've been fine ever since. Also, the blood could be from your IUD being dislodged or moved out of place, so I would definitely get it checked out.

Good luck!

King Khar Answered:

RiChIe LoVeS tHe YaNkEeS Answered:
See a doctor and try to make sure you get lots of information so you know exactly what is wrong.

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