Missed Period with thick white cervical mucus for over a week?

tc1987 Asked: Missed Period with thick white cervical mucus for over a week?

Hi my husband and I are TTC. So I am 3 days late for my period. I tested yesterday and its negative. I could have sworn I was going to get my period because 7 days prior to the day AF was meant to arrive i had been haveing cramps in the middle uterus area along with lots of creamy white cervical mucus, so i kept running to the bathroom armed with a tampon but no period. I normally only get cramps for like 2 days prior to due period.

Now 3 days late still getting thick white CM and my nipples seem to be slightly sore and perhaps a little darker…not sure if i am imagining it or not (the darkening that is). I have lower back pain and ever so slight really small twinges in my uterus section.

Is white CM a pregnancy symptom? When should i test again? Why would i have cramps and CM for 7 days prior to due period but it didnt arrive?? Has anyone else experienced this and found out they were pregnant?

OH and NO its not a yeast infection or thrush. Its oderless white sometimes thickish sometimes lotion thinish CM and NOT itchy. Ive had thrush before so i know what its like.


gizfish Answered:
CM is not predictive of pregnancy status.By one day late, the majority of pregnant women will have an accurate test.You can see the GYN for a blood test.

Optimistic Answered:
Retest, I had alot of CM right before I knew I was pregnant and what it is, is the cervical plug forming for the pregnancy (if you are pregnant). Good luck.

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