My cervix is high, soft and wet day before my period, what does this mean?

Stephanie Asked: My cervix is high, soft and wet day before my period, what does this mean?

My AF SHOULD be due tomorrow. Ive monitored my Cervix for the past couple days. It went from low and hard to high, soft and wet. I can barely touch it now! I also have swollen breasts with blue visible veins. Been very weepy, had a few hot flashes, a bit of trouble sleeping. And when I do sleep I over-sleep, Certain foods I loved (like a subway sandwich) I averted a bit and threw away. I got a yeast infection I think too, could this alter my CP? We BD's a week before and after my ovulation, I've also had some pressure in my lower abdomen today too, and gas since like 4-5 DPO, Random moments of nausea that don't last long, my muscle feel a bit weaker, and I feel more lazy and light headed. Is this just a hormonal thing or could I be pregnant?


Buck Answered:
Well you may have cervicitis.You can go to test .Generally you may be infected by the bacteria .The symptoms of cervicitis include
-Irritation of the external genitals;
-Pain during intercourse;
-Bleeding or spotting after sexual intercourse or between periods ;
-A burning sensation during urination;
-Lower back pain or pain low in the abdomen , sometimes felt only during sexual intercourse.
So you should get the treatment early.You can take Fuyan pill to kill all kinds of bacterias .And it can cure cervicitis radically.

Laura loves Luna Knowledge Over Age Answered:
If it smells bad, then that means it's most likely an infection, and he needs to see a vet ASAP. If the infections spreads even more, if could be very dangerous for your puppy.

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