My crotch stinks when I get sweaty?

squidy Asked: My crotch stinks when I get sweaty?

It's really hot at work and I start to sweat and stink. I don't want to rub deodorant all over my crotch, because that seems like a good way to get a yeast infection or something. And I don't think I should have to change my pants every day. I don't actually own enough work pants to do that. I do change my underwear though. What am I supposed to do about this?? I can't be the only person who has this problem.

PS I'm not fat, but my thighs touch.


Max Hoopla Answered:
Why should you be different?

Jess Answered:
Baby powder works great! (talcum based powder)
i usually use some before i go to gym because i get very sweaty and its a little embarrassing. It sort of soaks up the sweat, I suggest using a scented one.

Hope i helped!

skaloc62 Answered:
shave and powder — repeat as necessary ….

Ci Ci Answered:
Just make sure you are washing really well down there with soap and water. You could also try washing your pants every time you wear them. That way you don't have to buy more pants, but you can get them cleaned up before putting them back on. You could also spray Lysol on the crotch of your pants and put them on a hanger in your room so they can air out over night.

Another thing I would try is to bring some feminine hygiene wipes with your in your purse. When you start feeling sweaty or unfresh, go to the restroom and wipe down there to freshen up. This will help prevent you from smelling. The powder idea is another good thing to try. Most likely, you are the only one who smells yourself, but it will help you feel more confident.

dona Answered:
this has happened to meand i dont shave. there is no need to shave. just bath with soap and water everyday and clean ur crotch.

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