my inner lips of my vagina have been itching and burning, it’s my first time dealing with this…?

pinkluva4eva Asked: my inner lips of my vagina have been itching and burning, it’s my first time dealing with this…?

i started having sex with my boyfriend a couple months ago but we've never had problems before. he has been tested for std's so i don't think it's anything from him at all. the inner lips of my vagina have been itching for about 5 days now and it's pretty bad. it doesnt seem like just normal itching. i borrowed some of my friends tampons and used them a week ago and that was right before the itching started. i don't think they were scented, they were kotex brand and i wasn't sure how to use them at first so i didnt take the plastic off the first time. i'm not sure if that or the type of tampon could have anything to do with it either. i'm worried it might be a yeast infection. i've been looking up over the counter medications and there is a screening test i can take but it can't tell me if i have a yeast infection or not, just if it's anything worse than a yeast infection. my initial plan was to take the test, if it says it's not anything worse than a yeast infection, i'd use over the counter medicine to treat it, and if that doesn't work i'd go to planned parenthood sometime in the next couple weeks. my only problem is that if it's from the tampons or just normal irritation i'm wasting a lot of time and money. i am 17 years old and my parents don't know i'm sexually active and i know it would be best to talk to them about it, but i'm in a position that i can't. but if i need to see a doctor i can go to the planned parenthood in my area. so if you have any experience or advice please let me know. thanks !


Darius Answered:
Here on planet Earth, we have these these things called doctors. They are better equipped to hear and resolve such issues.

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