rash on upper butt crack?

sacredbrittni Asked: rash on upper butt crack?

this is no joke; i have a rash on my upper butt crack… like the starting point of it.. it's small but it burns and itches a little… i was wondering if maybe it's a rash from yeast of something.. like a yeast infection.. if so what kind of cream do i need to pick up from the pharmacy to make it go away? or is this just nothing to worry about; or what could this possibly be… as embarrassing as this is. i need help. i don't want to have to consult a doctor.. i'm tight on money right now for that. please help me out… thank you!


Andrew Mack Answered:
Put vaseline on it. If you wear low rise jeans, your upper *** crack may be touching stuff you don't want it to touch. Vaseline will protect the rash and moisturize it. If it doesn't work just see a doctor.

Ken Answered:
it does sound like a yeast infection of course without proper testing you cant be sure. Obviously the prudent thing to do would be to seek consultation with your primary care doctor. Short of that, any number of over the counter products like monistat 7 should be sufficient in resolving localized non-systemic yeast (candida) infection. As most yeast infections ARE systemic, many times these types of OTC remedies are temp. When you want to really seek to resolve rampant systemic yeast (candida) infection, a person should eliminate all sugar and process carbohydrates from your diet and going the following what I have listened below:

1. Avoid all junk foods (white sugar, white flour, soft (soda) drinks)
2. Avoid all sugars (even fruits)
3. Avoid all grains ( Barley, Corn, Millet, Oats, Rice, Wheat)

What you need to get is apple cider vinegar not regular store bought vinegar. Here is what you need to get which will cost you next to nothing:

4. Get a bottle of RAW apple cider vinegar and take 2 Tbs in the morning and 2 before you go to sleep.
5. For the first 7 days you will only eat RAW leafy green vegetables and other RAW vegetables. If you don't like to eat vegetables than juice them. You can find tons of recipes online. Do this everytime you get hungry.
6. Get probiotics. I would suggest Garden of Life Raw Probiotics

You will see results in the first 7 days if you do this since you are going to starve the yeast. My candida (yeast) came out of my mouth while burshing my teeth and it wasn't pretty. If i can do this so can you and I can tell you from personal experience that you will feel much better over all.

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