Recently lost virginity and is scared? Please help?

Christina Asked: Recently lost virginity and is scared? Please help?

So, a couple weeks ago I lost my virginity, and I've been freaking myself out about being pregnant or not, because this is something I've never done before and it's quite scary for me. My boyfriend and I used a condom every time we slept together but I'm still concerned on if the condom could have possibly broken or not? Or am I just being paranoid? There was one instance where we thought the condom broke so I ended up taking the morning after pill, also known as plan B, and about five days after I started to get a weird white discharge, and soon after that I had a really dark brown, almost blood colored discharge that was decently heavy and somewhat watery. I had that for about a week along with cramps, but it seems to have gone away, but now the white discharge is back and is causing an itchy and sometimes burning feeling, and also has a really bad smell to it, and I still have cramps. I'm really hoping I'm not pregnant, but could that possibly be what it is? My boyfriend has slept with other people so I suppose he could have an std, but wouldn't the condom somewhat prevent that? I've also not been feeling too well but that's probably just because I'm stressing myself out about everything. Could it possibly just be side effects of the plan b? Or could it be a yeast infection or something? I'm not going to be able to go to the doctor or anything anytime soon :/ So was hoping that asking on here would help… I'm just so scared about what's been going on, so please help? It would be much appreciated… Thank you!


Sarah Dennis Answered:
Sounds like you just got your period after you did it with your boyfriend. The white discharge thing I've HEARD is a before-and-after period thing so i wouldn't say you should worry about it.

Mysterious Answered:
By the sound of the precautions you took, it seems incredibly unlikely that you are pregnant.
Get into a habit of asking your bf if the condom is in good shape before and after use…

Protip: If you ARE pregnant, then tell your parents the truth when you find out… Hiding it from them is only going to cause bigger problems.

Mally Whi Answered:
go see your school nurse
she will have good advice for you

Sounds more like an STD or infection rather than pregnancy. I know you can't go to a doctor, but if you want to be certain… I suggest finding a way to get to a doctor and find out what is going on. May I add, that the discharge may be from the latex condoms.

Jessica Answered:
It seems like your body is preparing for your period ….

Madao Answered:
If you're that worried you shouldn't even be sleeping with your boyfriend anymore you know? Have you told him about your concerns (like those you have written here)? If you're pregnant, it will be a problem for both of you, so I suggest you tell him about what you're so worried about. It's an issue the both of you ought to be facing together.

But really, since you have willingly done it with him, you should be prepared for whatever consequences that will happen. You're supposed to be on the pill before having sex with him, but since you are on the pill already, I think the white discharge is not a source of concern. There is a sugar pill in the series that will have you clear your system so that perhaps will explain your dark brown discharge, which is also normal.

The itchy burning feeling however, should be a source of concern for you. I suggest that you discreetly have an appointment with a gynecologist to find out why. And in the meantime, talk to your boyfriend about what's making you scared (those matters you've written here) and halt the sex until you've seen a gynecologist. Don't feel guilty about putting the sex on hold. If he treasures you he'll want to make sure you're absolutely comfortable with the issues you are facing, and plus, there is nothing wrong with taking measures to protect yourself.

And also make sure the condoms you use are provided/ bought by yourself, so you can always be sure of its quality and that they are not tempered with. I hope I'm not being too naggy here. Good luck.

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