Skin on vagina is peeling?

Xacacia Asked: Skin on vagina is peeling?

It may sound weird, but for cautions, I check myself twice a day. I just got out of the shower and noticed that a thin layer of skin around my vaginal lips is peeling off, and looks like a dead layer molting. I know before I got in the shower, this was not occurring. It does not itch, not even the slightest. There's no swelling and no irritation/redness anywhere. It does not hurt, nor do I feel anything when I peel the skin off. I'm not sure what this is; many people who have this similar condition are told it's a yeast infection, but I don't think mine is. I am not sexually active, and am still a virgin. I have not been touched by anyone other than myself, and have not masturbated within the last two months.


Sunshine Answered:
You'll get good answers from the Experts and members at Ask Us Web. I can't post the URL, but you can Google "Ask Us Web" and click their link.

serious Answered:
Do you thoroughly wash that area? Also try to use moisturizers and drink plenty of fluids because maybe your just dehydrated.

Aria Montego Answered:
Please see a specialist or a doctor…check it out ok?

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