Thick creamy white discharge early sign of pregnancy?

jessica Asked: Thick creamy white discharge early sign of pregnancy?

My husband and I are ttc. I should be starting my period some time in the upcoming week. Sorry to be so descriptive but I've been noticing an increase in my vaginal discharge and today it was very thick and white. I know it's not a yeast infection because it's. It irritated or itching. My nipples have also been itchy and slightly sensitive off and on but I just thought it could have been from a new bra. I've also been experiencing period like cramps as if I'm about to start. Has anyone ever experienced this as an early pregnancy sign? I would love to be pregnant.


Ethel Answered:
Nope, it is a sign of not ovulating presently.You'll see it before and after ovulation and during pregnancy, but it is not exclusive to pregnancy.

Anjilkisses Answered:
No, that has nothing to do with being pregnant.You have some kind of infection and not all yeast will smell or itch.I have 4 kids and never had that happen,

Nicki Answered:
it can just be a sign dat ure period is coming

ExE Answered:
Creamy white lotion like discharge usually happens before ovulation. If you are thinking you are pregnant then take a pregnancy test!

Amanda Answered:
Could be many things. I got more discharge throughout pregnancy (it is normal). I tend to get that kind of discharge right before I ovulate and after I ovulate. I wouldn't guess being pregnant based on extra vaginal discharge. If you do not get your period get a pink dye test. You can get First Response Early Result and test up to five days before your expected period. I used those and got blaring positives before my period was due. Avoid blue dye tests as they are notorious for false positives (evaporation lines). An evaporation line can range in color from colorless to the same color as the control line (hence why blue dyes are notorious for them). Evap lines are thinner than the control line. A true positive test line will be just as thick as the control line but can be lighter in color. Also an evap line will disappear if you re-saturate the test with water. An evap can show up at anytime after you have taken the test. They are most common after the time limit though but like I said can happen anytime.

If you decide to test after your period is late a digital test may be accurate. They require a higher amount of HCG (pregnancy hormone produced by the developing placenta) to register though so do not get discouraged if you test with a pink dye, get a positive and then test with a digi and get a "not pregnant". False negatives are common especially if you test too close together or are early on.

Keep in mind not everyone gets the same symptoms, some don't get any at all, others get them later in pregnancy. Every pregnancy and woman is different. Sorry for the novel. Good luck.

Shantae Answered:
Hello Jessica i had to comment bc i was having the same thing and my cycle wasnt due till april 2nd and the 30 it showed from nowhere i started having mild cramps at first like the first 3days along with some thick white discharge like u say and then then 4th and 5th day the cramps were worse like AF was here and the 5th it came i thought it was a sign i could be prego but sorry it wasnt and by the way i dont ovulate properly so they started me on Clomid 50mg for CD 3-7 then on CD12 i go back for follical scan to make sure the Clomid did its job which last month it did developed 3 great ones nice sizes also then back to my RE again on CD 21 to get progesterone levels check to make sure i o'd properly which was a success last month but threw all the good news there went the bad news when AF came im not saying thats ur promblem cause i hope its not hope ur prego well keep me posted and let me know what happens when can become TTC buddies!!! sorry so long~~ hope to hear from you soon!!!!

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