What is This White Chunky Stuff Coming Out Of My Vagina?

Asked: What is This White Chunky Stuff Coming Out Of My Vagina?

when my boyfriend was eating me out, he said i tasted sour…
i went home and put my finger inside, and when i pulled it out, white chunky stuff was on my finger… its gross. i have no itch, no irritation, no other problem down there at all. people told me i had a yeast infection, so i got some monistat 1 and inserted the pill. the next day i got my period, and it seemed to go away after. i checked to see if it is still there, and it is!! it's pissing me off and i'[m not going to the doctor.
is this normal? or no. it tastes sour!!!


This is called a yeast infection. See a doctor (no really you need to SEE A DOCTOR!) there several different things that can cause a yeast infection and you really want to make sure its not something serious like HIV, this is not a joke. Try using a creme based solution next time rather than the pill. Having a period during a yeast infection is actually a good thing, its natures way of taking care of it for you though, once your period is over some women see it return.

when i had a yeast infection my mom did NOT take me to the doctor… instead she bought me allot of vanilla yogurt… dont know how but it worked try it… its tasty, healthy, and worked for me hope this helps :

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