What is this white film on my vagina?

MCR Asked: What is this white film on my vagina?

It's been happening for a month now but I have bad anxiety and it stops me from going to the doctor. I don't want to show him/her it. I'm still a virgin so no STDS. Around my vagina, like the whole outer area is swollen, red, itchy and it burns ( probably because I itch it til it bleeds ).. I don't know if it is a yeast infection because I don't have any discharge from the vagina, just a white film on the outside. My auntie is a nurse and she told me it could be a yeast infection on the outside, so she bought me a lot of plain yogurt. I tried eating a cupful but it was so disgusting, I nearly puked. What do I do with it? She told me it helps it and if it gets worse she'll take me to the doctors.


bacon Answered:
maybe its cause you listen to MCR

yea it does sound like yeast infection you can use an anti fungal cream if the yogurt isn't an option..

Kursten Van Answered:
I think it is a yeast infection. Just go to a drugstore and buy a yeast infection cream or if you can get canestin. The yeast infection should go away after that. The film must just be the discharge! Hope that helps!

Mrs DIVYARANI Answered:
do have itching but only sometimes. It usually hurts on the outside and inside when I have sex, and lately to the touch, it stings. My vagina smells strange, and fishy sometimes, other times it smells ok, but never the way it used to. The scariest part of whats happening, is that the inside of my vagina is not pink anymore, it is coated in a white film. I don't know what it is. sometimes I bleed after sex occasionally, but I always have, so it may have nothing to do with it. I am afraid that my new boyfriend I have been dating for nearly a year has given me something. before him I had a very pleasant smelling and pink looking vagina. When I deutsche it helps, but after I have sex with him, the smell comes back. It has steadily gotten worse other the past months and the pain is also getting worse I dont even want to have sex anymore. I also have a white dicharge which is strange. as it used to be clear.

Please help I think If i do not get help from this post I will go to the gynocologist, even if I do I still may go I just want to see if it may just be a bad yeast infection first.

Engella Answered:
there's a normal flora in woman's vagina,it produce white colour which look like creamy sometimes,that called yeast infection..but it's okas long it's doesn't getting worst..

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