What’s the best way to treat a yeast infection on my dogs paws?

ltoya201988 Asked: What’s the best way to treat a yeast infection on my dogs paws?

I have an American Pit Bull Terrier who has a yeast infection on his paws. He's been to 4 diff vets and they treated him differently. One wanted me to switch him over to a vet diet but I didn't want to do that because he's already on a high quality diet(Taste of the Wild kibble, Blue Buffalo or Wellness grain free wet for bkfst, and instincts raw bison formula for dinner) and also because he has food allergies. This vet didn't want to hear anything about his allergies, he was more interested in making a "sale" of the vet food. The next gave me a medicated shampoo but he had an allergic reaction to it(he broke out in hives). The third treated him with steroids and antibiotics. They worked but once he was totally done with his prescriptions it came back with a vengeance. I finally took him to a doggy dermatologist but they want to treat it in the same manner, with steroids and antibiotics. Since I've been down this road I opted out of the treatment. Is there any kind of home remedies or OTC drugs that anyone can recommend until the doc is able to come up with some sort of treatment that won't make his situation worse?

BTW: I switch between Taste of the awild, Wellness, and Canidae kibble every 3-4 months. Always grain free. The different flavors and formulas never make the situation any worse. He does just as good on all of them


Dog Section Regular Answered:
keep the paws dry at all times, get a cheap fungal infection powder or a foot powder for people and your dog will get well, try not to let the dog eat the stuff….

Paul Answered:
The best thing you can do is clean the paws daily with something that is antimicrobial. Tea tree oil shampoos work well or chlorhexidine. You can also do a povidone iodine rinse which is also antimicrobial. Avoid anything with oatmeal as oatmeal is a carb and will cause the yeast to grow.

Steroids are a bad idea. They will not solve the problem, they only provide temporary relief from itching but will actually make the problem worse. Steroids work by turning off the immune system. Without an immune system the yeast can grow out of control.

Antibiotics have no effect on yeast, which is a fungus. Antibiotics will just kill good bacteria and make more room for the yeast to grow.

A diet change may be in order. You want to reduce carbohydrates as much as possible. Yeast feed on carbohydrates. Unfortunately it is almost impossible to find a low carb kibble. My dog had chronic skin infections, nothing the vet gave helped, I tried so many different foods, the only thing that worked was a homemade diet. Avoid Blue Buffalo. It is a very low quality food that destroyed my dog's digestive tract and was the cause of all my dog's infections. Blue was what I was feeding for a year when my dog started getting so sick. Look into leaky gut syndrome. A damaged digestive tract is often the cause of skin infections and allergies. Heal the digestive tract with the right highly digestible foods and the problem will resolve. A normal healthy dog's immune system should be able to control the natural yeast on the skin. Something more is going on with your dog and you need to find the root cause. I would say most likely it is the digestive tract.



Jenny Answered:
The first thing that come to mind was apply cider vinegar but I don't know if that would work or not.Have you tried antifungal stuff?

Not knowing what to tell you ,I looked up 'how to kill yeast infection' & come up with these sites.


'how to kill yeast infection on dogs paw'


wonder if OTC stuff for a woman with a yeast infection would work.

You might even find something at a Herb store.

I think Vet just don't try to cure anything any more,they want you coming back & coming back.

Good luck.

You might even want to look up skin diseases in dogs.That may pull up a completely different diagnosis.

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