Whats this white cheese stuff INSIDE my vagina?

Asked: Whats this white cheese stuff INSIDE my vagina?

I have this white cottage cheese like stuff inside the folds of my vagina. It doesn't smell, nor itch or burn, so i dont think its a yeast infection…but i dont know. I have had it for like 4 years, it doesn't really bother me though. It doesn't come out or show in my underwear, its just like inside the flaps..haha ewww. Its not really chunky, kinda smooth in a way. But i dont think its discharge either because its like WHITE and not gooey or clear…

Please help me!


Hello, I'm a doctor. Use premarin. I think that you want to get more info about it. Please go to page —->webmd.foryourtreatment.com/AALWAns

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