white stringy particles in my urine and it hurts when i pee?

me Asked: white stringy particles in my urine and it hurts when i pee?

I had antibiotics for a UTI and they didn't work, which makes me think its something else. I am sexually active. My discharge seems normal. Also I'm 19 and female. Does this sound like a yeast infection, an STD…..? I'm really worried iv only slept with one guy


seeingred Answered:
do you have a fever? any other symptoms? if you were diagnosed with a UTI then it is probably from that, if you are not getting better on the medicine you were given then you need to go back to your gp and get another check :) x

MyHappilyEverAfter Answered:
I agree its likely a UTI

Frank Answered:
It is with great interest that I have read your situation.
My I advise you to do it the natural way?
What I like to recommend is to start drinking aloe vera. The one I like to recommend to you is the Aloe Berry Nectar because this one works the best on our kidneys system. This will clean your body of any toxins that it has collected over the years.
Use this drink for minimum of 3 months to have good results. This is a natural product so you cannot use too much or use it too long. Then you can switch to any other drink if you want. Most people go for the Aloe Vera Gel drink.
You will notice that after a couple of months that your body will balance itself and you feel a different in energy level as well.
Also make sure you are drinking enough water, 2 liter a day is recommended.
Also I like to advice to you that when you start using these products that you may experience what we call detoxification symptoms. This means that your body is trying to get rid of the toxic in your body faster than your body system can handle. But this doesnt happen with everyone. This usually happens in the first couple of days. This can be anything from pain in the belly, diarrhea, skin problems or anything else. If you have them then please drop me an email for further advice. It is not a moment to panic or visit a doctor yet. Usually just reducing the amount you are drinking will do fine, or increase the amount to get it over faster.

You may find more information regarding these products via my website: http://ImproveYourHealthWithAloeVera.com and go to the Product page.
Additional information how to use the drinks is available on the page Product How To Use Aloe Vera Drinks.
I hope this is a satisfactory answer to your question.
If you have more questions about this subject, feel free to email me. You can do this via the web-page Contact so I can provide you with more accurate advice for your condition.
I love to hear from you again with your results.
Have a great day.

bulldoost Answered:
check for gonorrhea!

if it is positive, there is very simple treatment, single pill whcih will solve the problem, ther eis no yeast infection ususally in urinary tract! but gonorrhea is…

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