Why does the inside of my vagina hurt?

R Asked: Why does the inside of my vagina hurt?

It's the muscle in between the lips on the left side, close enough for me to see. It looks red and maybe a bit swollen. I'm not quite sure why it hurts.
I've never had sex, nor do I masturbate (or ever have).
I have had a yeast and bacterial infection before, but I'm sure that's not what this is.
I assume maybe it's just irritated by something. Maybe the hair touching it or something. Or maybe I haven't been cleaning properly…Though, I'm not sure you're supposed to clean that part really at all.
Can anyone tell me what might be wrong?


Alexis Answered:
Looks like you've listed all the possibilities. But, I have expirienced this before, and it went away in a few days, maybe a week. Its probably just irritated by soaps, fabric, or bacteria, something of that nature.

Hannah Answered:
Maybe you injured yourself somehow? Other than that, maybe it's Vaginosis or something like that, an infection of some kind.

Jimi Answered:
make sure it is clean of all squirrels and small rodents and if you need to take any out make sure to record it and post it on twitter.

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